Skechers Women’s Go Walk Ultimate Walking Shoe Review

Skechers Women's Go Walk Ultimate Walking Shoe


 Rated:4.6 out of 5 stars!!



The Skechers Go Walk Ultimate Walking Shoe is fantastic by design and comfort. This great looking walker was created to look stylish while you walk. The loafer is extremely light-weight with it’s synthetic and fabric upper. The forefront offers plenty of space for toes and the fabric lining within is smooth for your comfort. The slip resistant OrthoLiteTM sockliner prevents odors with the anti-microbial material. The ResalyteTM midsole is a shock absorber and offers maximum comfort. Slip in shoe makes it easy to quickly get in and out of the shoes. The sole is flexible with traction-enhancing properties to ensure you don’t slip on terrain of any kind. The GOimpulse sensors give these Skechers a responsive feel for the ground so you feel like you’re practically barefoot. 

Features of This Product

●     Fabric and synthetic material for ultra-lightweight

●     Manmade sole

●     OrthoLiteTM sockliner

●     ResalyteTM midsole

●     GOimpulse sensors

●     Comes in a variety of colors


The Design

The slip on design makes it easy to step in and out of, making them effortless when you’re trying to get out the door quickly.  They are made with a synthetic and fabric upper offering you an ultra-lightweight walking experience, never holding you back. They have a loop at the back of the shoe to assist you in stepping in. These very functional walking shoes come with the OrthoLiteTM anti-microbial sockliner that prevents odor.


Designed to be comfortable and cushy, these Skechers walkers do not disappoint. They offer plenty of space within so you won’t experience rubbing at any point. These slip on walking shoes will give you a natural stride that is comfortable. The fabric lining was designed to be ultra smooth while the roomy forefoot offers plenty of space for your toes. The midsole cushions acts as a shock absorber with the ResalyteTM technology. You will experience a natural feel for the ground below you with the GOimpulse sensor technology in the soles. The soles are flexible and offer exceptional traction in any terrain. These Skechers were designed to make you feel like you’re not wearing shoes at all.                                                                    

The Look

It’s undeniable, Skechers has created a really cute and stylish walker. Nobody would consider you’re wearing a walking shoe at all but a stylish loafer. They come in plenty of nice colors to compliment your outfits so you may find yourself collecting a few pairs. Nobody will ever suspect these shoes are a full cushion, supportive walking shoe. You can wear them in any casual or smart casual situation. These walkers are a far cry from the unattractive walking shoe of the past.

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There were some consumers that were disappointed with how light they were, saying it made them seem cheap. They fit larger than their sizing suggest so make sure you try them on at a store before purchasing online.

Closing/Customer reviews:

Women that purchased these shoes said they put a bounce in their step thanks to the GOimpulse sensor in the sole of the shoes. Women raved about the comfort of the shoes and all of the cushioning they provided. A lot of women purchased these shoes couldn’t help but collect a few color variations saying you really can wear them anywhere. Women loved how light these shoes were saying they felt like they were barefoot. Women said they had purchased the shoe for it’s style and hoped for some comfort. They were not disappointed and were delighted that the shoe was so unbelievable comfortable for long periods of time. Many women wore them barefoot because the inner lining is so soft and smooth. Skechers really figured out the features that mean most to women and incorporated into this walking shoe.

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